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Orthopedic corsets

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On Walkando you can buy Scudotex, FGP's orthopedic corsets at great prices.
Orthopedic corsets are essential for preventing and / or treating spine disease.
Thanks to the use of stretch fabrics the Scudotex orthopedic corsets that you will find on Walkando will be extensible, durable and extremely light!
Bringing the orthopedic corsets in a regular way allows to rebalance the load of the spine and brings positive effects to the posture. The use of Scudotex and Fgp's orthopedic corsets is indicated for those suffering from low back pain, sacralgia, sciatica, discopathy or general back pain and those who undergo the spine to more and more stress.
All the orthomedic braces that you will find on our site are also indicated to be used during working hors, during your sport routine and also as accident prevention devices for the protection and health of the worker.
In recent years there has been an increase in the demand for orthopedic corsets and it is important to know that devices to prevent disorders related to spinal column overload are curable, primarily with the lombrosacral orthopedic corsets of the best brands, such as Scudotex and Fgp!
On Walkando uou will be able to find the corset LOMBOCOP by Fgp, an elastic lumbar corset with copper wire
On Walkando you will also find the Scudotex line of orthopedi corsets. It is a line of anatomical corsets which are ideal for all women of all ages who are looking for a garment that gives lumbar support, which contains the abdominal area and which simultaneously models the body.
The Scudotex anatomical corsets that you can buy on Walkando at a great price are made with exclusive stretch fabrics that, in contact with the skin, are extremely fresh and pleasant. The Scudotex corsets also have beautiful inserts in lace very feminine and also excellent finishing. The Scudotex lumbar corsets ensure comfort for women who wear them throughout the day.


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