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Enval Soft focus its attention on those who want comfortable shoes, made with hight quality materialas. Enval Soft does not however forget the style and the latest trand of fashion. 
Enval Sof's shoes are made with selected materials, which are the result of specific stylistic researches.The Enval Soft shoes have also advanced technology: the sole is directly attached to the shoe upper, so that the result is a type of shoe extremely light, soft and flexible, able to absorb the schocks caused while walking.The sole is made of particular blends that, in addition to the characteristics of lightness and flexibility, make it possible to isolate the foot from heat and cold.The Enval Soft shoes are ideal for those who pay attention on the well-being of their feet and must, for one reason or another, spend many hours standing.
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 005The shapes and insoles of Enval Soft shoes guarantee maximum comfort of the fitting
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 006All Enval Soft shoes are comfortable thanks to the careful selection of the materials used and the particular construction techniques
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 007Enval Soft shoes are made of soft leather for absolute comfort, maximum adaptability of the shoe to the shape of the foot and breathability
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 008All Enval Soft closed shoes are equipped with a practical anatomic removable footbed in leather, which can be easily replaced by personal footbed
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 009The shoe upper  is made of extremely soft leather and ensures a natural transpiration
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 010The linings used are always highly breathable, so that they favour an adequate circulation of air and they maintain the feet that dry and comfortable 
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 011The soles are flessible thanks to the fact that the sole is directly attached to the shoe upper
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 012The Enval Soft shoes also have soft padding in the ankle area that serve to limit any friction
walkando en des160052-enval-soft 013The polyurethane foam bottom ensures effective athermicity, isolating the foot from the external heat and cold
impermeabile-traspiranteThe special Enval-Tex membrane garantees the maximal impermeability. Rain doesn't penetrate and humidity flows trought the outside


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