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Sigvaris medical compression stockings are ideal for those who have a venous disorder. A venous disorder can be noticed, for example, if you have a feeling of discomfort in your legs or if you notice that you have particularly tired achy legs. You may have these disturbs especially when sitting or standing for many hours. These symptoms are typically associated with swollen feet and ankles (especially in the evening).
In patients with venous disease, the internal walls of the leg veins are deteriorated and the small valves are defective. When a valve is incompetent blood flows backwards towards the foot: this is referred to as reflux and can cause several disturbs. 
Amon the other venous disease iniclude Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Edema, Dermatitis, Eczema, Pigmentation, White Atrophy, Leg ulcer.
Sigvaris medical compression stocking class 1 and class 2 are advised for those who have varicous veins.  A varicose vein is a dilated and tortuous superficial vein with defective valves. As a result, the blood in these veins flows backward causing a reflux. Varicose veins can be painful, or  totally painless. If not treated, varicose veins can lead to serious complications.
Wearing Sigvaris compression stockings kl 1 or kl 2 can reduce this problem and can also eliminate an edema. An edema is an  increase in volume of fluid in skin and subcutaneous tissue. Venous edema usually occurs in ankle region, but may extend to leg and foot. The edema of the lower leg occurs when the blood stagnates in the superficial or in the deep veins of the leg. Because of this stagnation the capillaries can no longer play their role: water and waste build up in the skin in the lower leg. 
The concept of Sigvaris' compression therapy is based on a simple principle: the application of an elastic garment around the leg. By compressing the limb with graduated compression - strongest at the ankle and decreasing going up the leg - the compression stocking helps the venous return, decreases venous pressure, prevents venous stasis and deterioration of venous walls, and efficiently relieves aching and heavy legs. This treatment is prescribed by a physician to treat phlebitis, thrombosis and aftercare following surgery, sclerotherapy and any other forms of varicose vein treatment, and also to relieve all conditions of chronic venous disease (heavy legs, varicose veins, oedemas, leg ulcers)  
It can also be prescribed to prevent venous issues during pregnancy and long distance travel. Depending on the pathology and other factors, medical compression therapy by Sigvaris can be used in different forms: socks, stockings, pantyhose or bandages.
All Sigvaris' products and medical compression stockings are thought to give relief to heavy and painful legs. 


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