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1 Edge of the insole:
The upward contour of the front edge of the footbed allows the protection of the finger of the foot during the walk
2 Toe grip:
Intermediate pads in the area of ​​the fingers in the front area of the footbed are very important.
The Toe grip allows the fingers to maintain their natural position. Thanks to the toe grip, the fingers are relaxed and preserve their mobility.
3 Suede lining:
The inner siding is made of chamois leather. The material adapts to the shape of the foot in a gentle manner. The foot can also breathe, even while doing sport thanks to the open pored surface. The open pored surface also allows to adjust the humidity level, thanks to an underlying jute layer.
4 Transerverse arch support:
The foot receives a safe support thanks to the transversal arch support which passes transversally to the center of the plantar.
5 Interior and exterior longitudinal arch support
The bones of the tarsus are supported interiorly and exteriorly by the longitudinal arch support placed longitudinally on the laterla edges of the footbed. Longitudinal arch support play the important role of giving stability to the foot while walking.
6 Deep heel cup:
The plantar has a relatively deep cone in the heel area. This arrangement allows the heel to occupy his natural position. In this way the support provided to the foot is absolutely safe.
7 Cork and latex footbed:
All Birkenstock shoes have the same basic element: a cork and latex footbed. The footbed has 4 layers which are combined in order to give a unique comfort. The cork and latex footbed also cushions the walk and make it lighter for foot the support intese efforts. The foot is also protected from both cold and hot due to the choice of natural materials that isolate environment.


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