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Orhopedic footbeds and insoles

Walkando offers you many anatomical footbed and insoled, thought for the well being of your feet. On Walkando you will find footbed and insoles of the best brands such as Bionaif, Birkenstock, Sofsole, Pedag, Movi. 
Bionaif produces an active orthopedic insole with metatarsal support; the Bionaif plantar helps the feet by making them maitain the correct position. The insole thought by Bionaif allow you to have the right posture and to improve your equilibrium.
Active plantar Bionaif is ideal for avoiding distortions and microtraums because it minimizes all themovements that can cause these traumas. Active plantar Bionaif supports the muscular and skeletal structures of your feet. The active Biondaif plantar make it possible for your foot plant to work better and promotes the development of a safe type of walking. Bionaif active plantar is also helpful in the improvement of blood circulation.
The active Bionaif plantar is made of polymer of resin and it is elastically deformable,  which contribuites to make it suitable for every weight. The active insole is ideal for every kind of feet size; moreover by using the active plantar Bionaif you don't need to change the size of your shoes. 
Bionaif active plantar is producted in Italy.
On Walkando you will be also able to find the interchangeable anatomic insole covered in  canvas byBirkenstock and the Birko-Tex insoles with non-slip resistant and dermo-resistant lining.The anatomically shaped Birkenstock insoles make the difference: the BIRKENSTOCK insoles are distinguished by their shape adapted to the plantar anatomy. They support the foot and guarantee its wellbeing at every step. The BIRKENSTOCK insoles are inspired by the natural footprint of a foot on the sand and wrap around the metatarsus and heel in an incredibly soft way. Responsible for high comfort and constant elasticity are millions of small air bubbles in our microlattice foam.
Walkando has also another propose for your feet: the Pedag's insoles! Pedag's insoles are thoutgh in order to make easy di distribute the body's weight all over the insole and not just on the heel. This helps to relieve problems and prevents the arch from dropping any further. Footbeds by Pedag are thin and light, the fit to evert foot shape and are practical to be inserted in almost every shoe. Insoled by Pedag have orthopaedic design, fine natural cowhide, activ charcoal filter Sizes. Pedag's footbes are realized in natural leather,activ charcoal filter or soft carbon latex foam: all these features make it possible for the foot the be dry and odourless. 
On Walkando, among the other footbed and insoles on sale you will find the Sof Sole's insoles, which are the perfect solution to improve the comfort and performance of your footwear. Sof Sole insoles will help you in order to reduce the impact you fell when you walk, run and they will also extend the life of your shoes,  making them more long lasting. 


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