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On Walkando you can find 70-denier stockings for compression therapy by Modasana, Scudotex and Sigvaris. 
On Walkando you can buy 70 denier stockings, knee-socks, self supporting thigh-highs by Modasana. 
The self supporting thigh-highs made of Lycra by Modasana, thanks to their graduated compression, continuously massage the legs preventing tired and heavy legs. 
The 70-denier self supporting thigh-highs hold an average compression of 10-12mmHg. Compression is maintained throughout the day to minimize leg's disturbs. 
In addition, the stockings have lace top which enhances femininity, they are of excellent quality for a perfect and adherent hold throughout the day.
The 70 denier Modasana knee-socks instead, with 12-15 mmHg average graduated compression, have a honeycomb fabric for a long lasting containment effect and they keep the compression agreeable throughout the day by making feel your legs always relaxed. 
Furthermore, the 70 den Modasana knee-highs have a comfortable and soft elastic edge that does not cut the calf and enhances femininity.
Modasana's 70 denier stockings are also excellent, with either a plain or a honeycomb gabric with open or closed toe. What are you waiting for to buy the right one for you? Modasana will no longer make you feel tired!
If Modasana is not the right for you, Walkando offers you also a very good price for 70 denier compressive stockings by Scudotex. These stockigns are elastic with a medium graduated compression, mm Hg 12-15, indicated both as a preventive and curative function in cases where fatigue, heaviness and tingling of the legs are manifested, in particular after a prolonged stay in feet, also accompanied by slight edemas and varices. The Scudotex 70 den compression stockings are partially opaque, so that they can hide any slight skin blemishes. Scudotex's models  70 den compressive stockings are many and for all tastes: 70 den smooth knitting medium compression, 70 den smooth knitting transparent medium compression, 70 den net knitting medium compression, 70 den net knitting plus size, 70 den net knitting open toe, 70 den opaque microfiber, 70 den soft model.
There's the right one for everyone, hurry up and have a look on Walkando among our stockings for compression therapy!


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