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40 denier

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On SanitariaWeb you will find 40 den 8-10mmHg tights with a modeling bustier by Modasana, by Sigvaris and by Scudotex.
Modasana stockings are made of Lycra and thanks to their graduated compression, they massage the legs continuously, thus preventing tired and heaby legs.
Modasana 40 den 8-10mmHg stockings have a light graduated compression and have a smooth fabric for a glamorous effect. Graduated compression is maintained throughout the day and gives you a natural feeling of lightness.
In addition, the 40 denier Modasana stockings have a thicr modeling body with a cotton gusset.
The type of compression performed by the 40-denier Modasana stockings is ideal to treat the disorder of the venous hernia, which usually appears on the ankle, but can also spread to the leg and the foot. The appearance of an edema is due to chronic venous insufficiency: the capillaries no longer perform their task and this causes an accumulation of water and waste in the skin tissue of the lower leg.
With modasana you will never feel tired again!
On SanitariaWeb you can also find 40 denier socks from the Scudotex brand. The 40 denier Scudotex stockings have a light graduated compression, mm Hg 7-9; for this reason they are indicated with a preventive function and in cases where the first symptoms of fatigue, heaviness and tingling of the legs appear. The 40-denier Scudotex stockings are transparent, restful and elegant. Scudotex elastic stockings are adherent and comfortable and, thanks to their graduated compression action, they develop a beneficial decreasing and massaging action that improves the venous circulation of the lower limbs, prevents and cures venous insufficiency and ensures the legs protection and well-being.
Scudotex elastic stockings include socks and knee-highs ranging from light compressions (preventive function) to medium and then strong compressions (Chronic Venous Insufficiency)


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