Products designed and conceived to be worn in contact with the skin, to offer an effective therapy against acute and chronic pain. Spikenergy is particularly ideal for those who practice sports. The range of unisex products is suitable for all syndromes sustained by inflammation, edema and pain in particular in Physiatry, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology.

SPIKECELL is the exclusive fabric made by weaving copper, zinc and silicon filaments. Copper and zinc, thanks to their natural properties, create an infinitesimal current capable of exercising constant biostimulation aimed at restoring the microcirculation, eliminating accumulated liquids and fats. Finally, silicon carries out a conductive action with the epidermis, keeping it naturally healthy. Medical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of SPIKECELL medical devices already after a few weeks of application: reduction of the thickness of the hypodermis, stimulation of biomechanical properties (viscoelasticity, distensibility and skin elasticity).
The products are effective only if worn in contact with the skin!

INDICATIONS: All syndromes sustained by panniculate, inflammation, edema and pain in particular in Dermatology, Physiatry,
Orthopedics and Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology.
USE: After opening the package and the first application, the Medical Device remains active for no more than 12 months, it is possible to use
contemporary of several Medical Devices.
The Medical Device can be subjected to periodic washing.
Since the fabric of the Medical Device has a shape memory, washing allows the elastic properties of the same to be regenerated.
Strictly follow the instructions on the product: 40 °
PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: The use of SPIKENERGY and SPIKE-CELL devices must be avoided in the following conditions:
pacemakers or other active implantable devices. Known or suspected pregnancy.
METHOD OF USE: The medical device can be worn continuously day and night or at least for a minimum of eight hours.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Follow the instructions at the bottom of the drawings in the margin, identifying the type of SPIKENERGY or SPIKE CELL device you are using.


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