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Dr. Gibaud is a french which was born in France in 1935 and then became known also in Italy later, in 1949. It was in France in 1935 that, during a fishing expedition, Dr. Gibaud and M. Antoine Pichon, had the idea to create the elastic belt in wool for the treatment of pain in the acute phases of lumbago, colitis and renal colic.The history of Dr. Gibaud in Italy is instead linked to that of the Dual Sanitaly company, a company of familiar character born in Piemonte.
Dr Gibaud includes numerous orthopedics products, divided into several lines. The Orthopedic Line of Dr. GIBAUD ORTHO includes orthoses used in orthopedic, physiatric and sports medicine, after traumas, fractures and surgical procedures. In the ORHO line Gibaud offers solutions and equipment for:neck, shoulder, back, elbow, wrist and hand, leg, knee, ankle and foot. Moreover, Dr. Gibaud allow you to buy also orthopedic products especially designed for children, characterised by the same quality of those for adults, without any difference!
Dr Gibaud launches its products on the market, moreover, also with its complete line of elastic articles in wool. It is known to everybody that a faulty blood supply can cause painful consequences: joint, muscular or even intestinal inflammation, due to irritation of the mucous membranes, of rheumatic lesions. Moreover, also the coldness can, together with humidity and drafts, cause temperature changes that lead to muscular contractions. For all these problems Dr. Gibau has elaborated his line of elastic articles in wool! All the products of this Thermotherapeutic line are made entirely of wool, cotton and soft elastic yarn. All the products contribute to decrease and slow down the heat exchange with the external environment thanks to the particular construction of the elastic insulating fabric.
In the Thermo line by Dr. Gibaud you can also find self-heating patches and bands. The basic idea of Dr. Gibaud's thermopathic therapy is simple and well known since ancient times: thermotherapy has always been used to induce vasodilatation in order to improve the blood supply and the oxygen supply to the muscle groups. The patches and thermo-active belt of the Thermo Dr. Gibaud Line relieve pain by releasing heat specifically on the painful part, relax the affected areas and are also indicated for the typical pains of the menstrual cycle!
But the wide range of Dr. Gibaud products does not end here: in fact, in the Contention line, you will be able to buy elastic cotton articles and orthoses indicated for minor traumatic events and for the post-operative phase in case of abdominal surgery. The particular weaving of the Contention line's products is ideal to provide the right compression/containment of muscles and joints, without forgetting the need to maintain mobility in all its aspects.
To satisfy all your needs and your well-being, Dr Gibaud offers you, if necessary, also the Sport line, which includes elastic articles for sport.


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