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Giesswein in an austrian brand which has been known for decades as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of boiled wool and knitted fabrics.
The raw material chosen by the Austrian company Giessman is wool, which is able to protect you from wind, humidity and cold, thanks to its well-known properties:  impermeability and breathability!
According to the origin of the wool, Giessman buys it mainly from establishments in the European community. These establishments buy most of the wool in Australia, New Zealand and South America, where the number of sheep is enough to supply the question's markt. 
The origin of Giessman's yarns starts from the cutting of the wool of the sheep. The steps in the processing of raw wool are numerously: the raw wool is selected, toasted and washed at specific temperatures to prevent felting. In this phase, delicate biodegradable detergents are added and then the wool is dried by the use of a biological centrifuge. The wool is then combed and filed until the thinner and smoother version is reached. Only after these numerous steps and an accurate dyeing, the yarns are sent to Giessman.
One of the must-have's product, one of Giessman's best idea is definitely its classic slipper! Giessman's slippers are high quality's footwear; fist of all thanks to the insole, whihc is entirely made of natural rubber. Thanks to this choice, the slipper is non-slip, but always flexible and light!
Giesswein's slippers are comfortable, practical, so that you will feel like you're walking barefoot! The wool used by Giessman for the slippers is also 100% virgin wool of the highest quality. The Giessman's slipper is also breathable thanks to the quality of boiled wool and thanks to numerous breathable holes. Do not forget that Giessman offers you a wide selection of slippers! Numerous models are available in different colors and formats, different from season to season.
Giessman launchs on the market, in addition to slippers, many other products, including the highly appreciated rubber boots! Giessman's rubber boots are 100% made of natural rubber.
Giessman's RUNNERS model is also a unique footwear: it is a suitable model for those who do sports and it is ultra-flexible and ultra-light! The RUNNER model is made of  merino wool 100%, has a non-slip sole and a removable footbed,made of merino wool, too. 
But Giessman's models certainly do not stop here! For both women and men you can find on Walkando Slippers, Merino Runners, High Slippers, Rubber Boots, Accessories! And for woman you can also find Giessman's Ballerina model!


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