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The Flexx  is brand which has been active since 1838 in the shoe manufacturing sector. Its history started in Germany and then developped in Italy, in Tuscany. The Flexx' shoes are the ideal product for women who are fashion, but don't want to renounce to the most importante thing: the well-being and the comfort of the feet. Thousands of artisans are active in the branch of The Flexx in Tuscany and are concerned with the ideation, creation and development of the footwear. It is not only the "handmade aspect" that is, however, the strong point of The Flexx: the company is very attentive and always advanced with the new technologies. The expert workers of The Flexx chose excusively the best materiales and the best leathers. The Flexx is primarily concerned with the well-being and comfort of the feet. How does the company provide to the well-being of the feet? Through the high technology of the  sole!
The Flexx' shoes are primarily worked through a particular type of processing: the STITCH & TURN. This process is able to provide flexibility to The Flexx' shoes. It is a process entirely handmade, that carefully avoid materials that could affect the softness of the shoe and the use of glues.
The shoe upper is carefully realixed and and then it is sewn directly to the sole (Stitch). Subsequently it is turned on itself (Turn) and the shoe is stretched with hot shapes to give it the desired shape.
The foot is wrapped like a glove in The Flexx shoes and the seams are concealed with leather trim that refine and enrich the shoe.
The Flexx shoes are also EXTRA-FIT: the extra-fit shoe has the peculiarity of a wider fit, designed specifically for women who aspire to maximum comfort during the day. But it does not end here! The Flexx also ensures that you protect your knees and spine! In fact, the "Shock absorbing" technology guarantees a high level of relief for both, minimizing the impact caused by walking. It also promotes proper air circulation and thus contributes to the creation of the ideal microclimate for the foot.


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