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Scudotex is part of the Luropas company that produces numerous products including: post-surgical adjustable belts, orthopedic corsets, hernia supports and compressive corsetry. Many other products complete the Scudotex line, such as ankles braces, knee braces and wrist braces. Scudotex is particularly attentive to the technological evolution in the production of elastic stockings, and aims to offer its customers always innovative and high quality products.
Scudotex brand also offers elastic bandages, lumbo-sacral orthopedic corsets, elasticized braces, man and unisex rest knee-highs, girdles, belts and slimming garments, belted vests and natural vests, body corset, mini cotton sock with triple function, braces for wirst, shouldner straightener, bras, briefs and trusses for hernia, men's genital supports, trachetomy, briefs for mestruation and incontinence, rgaduated compression elastic hosiery, braces for ankles and braces for knees, belts. 
One of the most used products of the Scudotex line are the elastic stockings: the women who wear them are more and more, aware of the importance of caring their legs.
Scudotex elastic stockings are adherent and comfortable and, thanks to their graduated compression action, develop a beneficial decreasing and massaging action which improves the venous circulation of the lower limbs, prevents and cures venous insufficiency and ensures the legs protection and a natural well-being.
Scudotex elastic stockings include socks and knee-highs ranging from light compressions (preventive function) to medium and then strong compression (Chronic Venous Insufficiency)
Among the models of elastic stockings proposed by Scudotex you will also find the models that in recent years have found a huge success on the market: the net knitting open toe line 70 and 140 deniers, the net knitting opaque line 70 and 140 deniers in microfiber, the net knitting Soft Model line 70 and 140 deniers, that offers an extraordinary softness and elegance and the whole phlebology line net knitting K1-240 deniers , semitransparent, in the closed and open toe version.
Another highly appreciated product by Scudotex is the complete line of girdles, belts and slimming garments. This line aims in particular to one purpose: the reduction of imperfections caused by the unattractive adipose mass located above all on the waist, abdomen, gluteus and thighs.
Also the Scudotex body corsets excellent products that have great success: the anatomical Scudotex molders are ideal for women of all ages who are looking for a garment able to give back support to the lumbar spine and appropriate abdominal containment
The Scudotex body corsets, made with exclusive stretch fabrics that have a fresh and hygienic cotton surface in contact with the skin, are also enriched with refined lace inserts and appropriate anatomic reinforcements. 
The Scudotex compressive and supporting ankle braces are recommended for the prevention and care in cases of sprains, distortions, swelling and inflammation due to light traumas or overexertion of the ankle at work and in the sport activities. 
A similar function also hve also the Scudotex adjustable elastic wrist braces: recommended to support the joint without preventing the movement, in cases of sprains, local pains, swellings, wrist inflammation.
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