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FinnComfort's footwear are ane exclusive product made in Germany. Every step of the production is held in Hassfurt am Main.
The footwear produced By FinnComfort are not just designed and produced in Hassfurt am Main; here it is also possible to repair the models which have ben used, if this is necessary. FinnComfort's products are designed to be long-lasting and comfortable. 
Furthermore, it is very important for FinnComfort to safeguard environmental resources: the materials are selected according to the strictest ecological standards and the energy is used in the best way as possible. 
Although the FinnComfort company has expanded over the years, the "handmande aspect" still to play an important role: many phases of the work are handmande even nowadays in order to obtain the best result and the best shoes for our feet.
The heart of FinnComfort footwear is the footbed. Finncomfort's  shoes offer an important possibility: the replacement of the footbed can be done with a single and easy gesture. In this way, Finncomfort's footwear adapt to every personal needs and guarantee extreme hygiene thanks to washable insoles.
The three different types of insoles offered by the German company FinnComfort are: 
  • the superconfortable footbed: the classical footbed by FinnComfort plantar made of leather with a non-deformable latex and cork blend that supports the natural roll at every step
  • the masseur footbed: stimulates some reflex zones in the sole of the foot and is able to reactivate important organs connected to these zones
  • the ultra-soft footbed: ideal for hypersensitive feet this type of footbed has a layer of natural rubber with millions of bubbles of air that cushions the walk. The ultra-soft footbed also make it possible to lighten the support for those who stand for a long time 


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