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It is not important if you are an athlete or if you simply have to stand on your feet all day long:  Sof Sole insoles are the perfect solution to improve the comfort and performance of your footwear. Sof Sole insoles will help you in order to reduce the impact you fell when you walk, run and they will also extend the life of your shoes,  making them more long lasting. 
Sof Sole started in 1991 and has grown to become a worldwide leader in athletic footwear accessories. The Sof Sole line includes insoles, socks and shoe care for anything ranging from everyday needs to high-impact performance activities. The technologically advanced designs and materials optimize the functionality, comfort, and performance of any shoe. Sold at leading sporting goods, family and specialty footwear retailers worldwide, the Sof Sole brand strives to become the "Sole of Performance."
This brand operates with competence and passion in the market of technical accessories for sports and footwear, with the aim to search around the world for innovative solutions for dynamic people and lovers of movement.
Sof Sole distinguish in 3 cathegories: fit, performance and lifestyle. The Sof Sole FIT Series features three distinct insoles with specific arch heights. The Sof Sole PERFORMANCE Series have an encapsulated air chamber in the heel and arch, as well as Polymer Gel in the forefoot for customers looking for the ultimate in shock absorption. 
The Sof Sole LIFESTYLE Series disperses heel strike shock, relieving pressure and stress. The dual-density foam and Sof Gel design elevates and cushions the heel while and provide relief. 


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