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Fgp deals with rehabilitation products and has as its strong point the achievement of a physical well-being that combines comfort and efficiency. For this reason, FGP has completely re-thought the idea of ​​a knee pad. From this idea Fgp has created Phylotek: a new category of knee pads. The Fgp knee pads are made in one piece without stitchings. The fabric is able to compress, to control and to be adaptable to every point of your skin. Moreover the fabric exercises the correct streght ton every area of your body and massage the interesting area in a soft and pleasable way. The fabric is durable thanks to advanced technology. Those who choose Fgp's products are guaranteed a constant and long lasting well-being.
The Phylotek knee pad is designed in every detail: silicone strips inside give stability and adjustable closure bands give you an ideal grip.
In addition, the new Physioglide joint is very lightweight and easy to wear simply by using your hands. Research and technology have allowed Fgp to make further innovations: the Collamed and Stabimed polyurethane board, which makes the front guard fully openable, and Adaptive technology that allows the fabric to react very well to the various climatic conditions. Thanks to Adaptive the fabric retains sweat and maintains the ideal temperature for your body. 
The design of Fgp's rehab products is ergonomic and essential by making Fgp rehabilitation products discreet under your clothes. 
Fgp starts a great innovation thanks to Phylotek. Phylo's fabric patented by Fgp breathes, caresses, massages. The weaves of the fabric are optimal for the passage of air. The Phylo fabric is elastic and pleasant on your skin. The temperature of the fabric is controlled by the Smart Temp technology which allows an optimal indoor condition. Fresh Tech also contributes to give freshness and hygiene, eliminating 99% of unpleasant smells.



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