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Modasana is a leading Italian company in the production of graduated compression stockings. Modasana is interested in the best technologies and follows step by step the realisation of its products; Modasana products are manufactured in Italy respecting the highest qualitative standards.
Modasana's compression stockings and popsocks support the circulation, thus preventing leg disorders. Modasana stockings are comfortable for daily use thanks to their elegance.
Modasana produces also stockings for varicose veins for women and men, graduated compression popsocks,  graduated stockings for men and women, socks class 1 and socks class 2.
Modasana offers graduated compression stockings of 3 different types: 40 denier, 70 denier and 140 denier.
For light problems the most suitable type of stocking is the light graduated compression  40 denier 8-10 mmHg, for a medium compression it is advisable to buy the Modasana compression stockings 70 denier 12-15 mmHg and for a strong graduated compression the most suitable is the compression stocking 140 denier 18-21 mmHg.
Modasana has two points of strenght: the graduated compression of the stockings and the structures which support the tip and heel of the foot. The graduated compression of Modasana socks is obtained through the electronic adjustment of weaving machines. The pressure gradually decreases from the bottom to the upwards: this helps the venous return of the blood and contributes to the well.being of those who wear Modasana's stockings. Modasana's stockings graduated compression are the ideal choice for those who have to stand for many hours a day. 
Modasana's stockings for varicose veines have some intelligent devices: the reinforced heel and comfort tip. Thanks to these arrangements, Modasana's products are long-lasting and allow the foot to have a correct position. It is really  important to have the correct position in the stockings in order to achieve the highest level of stability. The tip of  Modasana's compression stockings is carefully designed and does not compress your fingers.


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